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At the onset of the 2020 pandemic, a biomedical engineer and maker came together in Cleveland, Ohio looking to create an n95 analogue to address the imminent PPE shortage for health care workers. Taking what they learned from their quest, they created Ava Masks.

Ava Masks have four main factors that make it a good mask: Fit, Fabric, Filtration and Fashion.

Fit is the most important factor because a mask is only as effective as the seal it provides around the nose, cheeks and chin. Ava Masks provide a secure fit and seal around the face.

Fabric is next. Choosing high quality 100% quilter's cotton was important because of its filtration capability and comfort during wear.

Filtration was a key factor from the beginning. Ava Masks come with single use polypropylene filters. The three materials (2 layers of cotton and 1 layer of polypropylene) have been tested for over 95% filtration efficiency in both directions. This means that Ava Masks protects the wearer and those around them.

Fashion because you know, if we are going to wear a mask, we may as well look good in it! In all seriousness, Ava Masks are attractive, comfortable to wear, won't fog your glasses and will stay secure when talking.

Stay safe, sensible and stylish!

Sahithya Wintrich & Monica Plunkett
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